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Edge Colouring & Edge Foiling on cards is an exceptional addition to the product. This simple yet classical way of finish completes the visual and elevates the card qualities. It is available on various uncoated products to express perfect neo-classicism.

This will express both modern and classical atmosphere to create a new contemporary design. Edge Colouring & Edge Foiling will bring a stylistic handmade product. The paper ranges for Edge colouring and Edge Foiling varies from 300 gsm to 600 gsm, which the available paper options are grand. And adding edge colouring onto these cards expresses the most eye catching finishes. With your own selection of colours for the edge colouring, you will encounter exceptional looking product.

MOQ 500 cards

14-17 working days (after confirmation of payment and artwork)

Please send your artwork files by email, contact us at or via WhatsApp for quote. Thank you.