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Pre-ink stamps making services help you to design your company chop with different styles, sizes, and color options.


Item no. / Price / Shape / Size

  • A1   HKD 110  Circle Diameter 15 mm

  • A2  HKD 115  Circle Diameter 21 mm

  • A3  HKD 120 Circle Diameter 33 mm

  • A4  HKD 132 Circle Diameter 38 mm

  • B1   HKD 108 Square 12 x 12 mm

  • B2  HKD 115  Square 15 x 15 mm

  • B3  HKD 120 Square 22 x 22 mm

  • C1   HKD 132  OV Shape 31 x 43 mm

  • C2  HKD 132  Lacework Shape 24 x 53 mm

  • C3  HKD 132  Cheque Chop 23 x 58 mm

  • C4  HKD 132  Address Chop 22 x 60 mm

  • C5  HKD 132  Receipt Chop 38 x 51 mm

Global Delivery

Red, Purple Blue Color Pre-ink chops
Production lead time 2 working days

Black, Green Color Pre-ink chops
Production lead time 4 working days

*  All pre-ink chops are in standard format. Customer may provide the logo and context. For special design of stamp, customers may provide the artwork files or request our design services.
*  Lines of pre-ink chop is generally made with color density (Graphic and Netting twine cannot be used).
*  Cut-off time: Mon-Fri 5:00 p.m


Please let us know the item numbers, quantity of the chop, delivery address, logo in PDF or AI format and context or your design files with font files by email at  so we may calculate the total amount of your order.


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